Perception versus reality: analysis of time spent on bedside rounds in an academic ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

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BMC Med Educ. 2023 Apr 21;23(1):274. doi: 10.1186/s12909-023-04243-y.


BACKGROUND: Despite its importance, teaching at the bedside is declining over time. This purported decline has not been quantified. Quantifying bedside teaching is challenging, and we found only one study quantifying bedside teaching on a hospitalist service.

OBJECTIVE: We conducted a study to understand the prevalence of bedside teaching in our medical intensive care unit.

METHODS: We conducted a single-center single-unit study in the medical intensive care unit of an academic tertiary care institution. We used a survey tool to assess perceived time spent on bedside teaching, quality of teaching, and total rounding time. In parallel, independent observers objectively measured time spent on rounds and on bedside teaching. Residents were asked to complete the survey once a week. Independent observers collected data daily and weekly averages were obtained.

RESULTS: 43 responses were collected over a 4-month period. Most respondents (73%) reported a total rounding time of either 90-120 min or greater than 120 min. Median reported bedside teaching time was 16-20 min with 16 respondents (37%) reporting less than 15 min and 27 respondents (63%) reporting 16 min or more. The amount of time spent on bedside teaching was reported as adequate or more than adequate by 77% (33) of respondents with 58% (25) reporting that bedside teaching was very or extremely effective in helping them learn. Mean census reported by the independent observers was 12.75 patients per team. Bedside teaching represented an average of 12% of total rounding time, 16.85 min per day. While total rounding time increased with increasing census, there was no decline in bedside teaching time.

CONCLUSION: It is reported that bedside teaching has decreased over time. Our study has demonstrated that bedside teaching occurs in our Medical ICU, and though it represents a minority of the time spent on rounds, residents still reported teaching in the ICU to be adequate.

PMID:37085853 | DOI:10.1186/s12909-023-04243-y

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