Why can’t I read the full text of the articles in the Journal Club?

In many cases, you need a subscription to a journal to access its articles on-line. If you are using a computer at work, the publisher will usually recognize where your computer is located and provide access according to your institution’s subscriptions. You may find that accessing the Journal Club from your local public or medical school library allows you access to many of these articles. If you are using a computer elsewhere, or at home, you will need to have a personal subscription to the journal. Some institutions provide “proxy accounts” that allow you to access the institution’s subscriptions from off-site. Contact your institution’s subscription manager for more information.

Why doesn’t my comment appear right away?

The Virtual Journal Club does not publish anonymous comments nor unmoderated comments. (It’s the old-fashioned method of combatting spam.) Please be patient. The Virtual Journal Club editor will be alerted by email when there is a comment awaiting approval.

How can I find out when new items are posted to the Virtual Journal Club?

Look for “Subscribe” in the right sidebar. You can get the RSS feed for the VJC or sign up for email alerts. Either way, you get notified when new items appear.

Do you have other questions? Please ask your question in the comment box below and we’ll provide an answer.


  1. Dear Editor
    Are journals peer-reviewed ? and indexed in Pubmed ?
    If yes, how to proceed to submit an article ?

    Best regards

  2. The Virtual Journal Club collects abstracts from journals published elsewhere to allow for review and discussion. There are no original articles included. Many of the articles are from peer-reviewed journals, although that is not a requirement for inclusion in the Journal Club. All of the abstracts are aggregated from PubMed, which allows access to some of the powerful features of PubMed (including full-text links and links to similar articles).

    You are welcome to post comments on any articles on the Journal Club. Comments are moderated but are not peer-reviewed; if a comment is accepted, it is not edited (but it may be moved to another place on the site). Comments can be detailed and can include references to other literature. Good luck, and thanks for asking!

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