Management of gout in the inpatient setting

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Rev Med Suisse. 2023 Oct 25;19(847):1994-2001. doi: 10.53738/REVMED.2023.19.847.1994. ABSTRACT

Gout is a common complication occurring among inpatients, as factors affecting urate levels in blood and tissues are often modified by acute conditions. The control of chronic uricemia within recommended target values helps reduce the risk of flares. Joint aspiration is the gold standard for diagnosis, but ultrasound and dual-energy CT scan are reasonable alternatives. Acute and chronic treatments do not differ from those provided in outpatient care, although the increased prevalence of organ failures often require treatment adjustments. Active patient engagement, including therapeutic education during hospitalization, is essential for long-term disease control.

PMID:37878099 | DOI:10.53738/REVMED.2023.19.847.1994

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