Choosing statins: a review to guide clinical practice

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Arch Endocrinol Metab. 2020 Nov 9:2359-3997000000306. doi: 10.20945/2359-3997000000306. Online ahead of print.


Statins are among the most widely prescribed medicines in the world and have proved their value in reducing cardiovascular events and mortality. Many patients report adverse effects that lead to interruption of treatment. This review aims to individualize statin treatment, considering efficacy for reducing cardiovascular risk and safety, in the setting of specific diseases, to minimize the side effects and improve compliance. We gathered evidence that may help clinicians to choose specific statins in different clinical situations, such as the risk of new diabetes, chronic kidney disease, liver disease, human immunodeficiency virus infection, organ transplant, heart failure and elderly people. Efficacy of statins is well established in a large number of clinical conditions. Therefore, main objective is to revise statin in specific clinical settings, based on pharmacokinetics, safety, drug metabolism and interactions to provide the best choice in different clinical scenarios.

PMID:33166435 | DOI:10.20945/2359-3997000000306

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