A Real-World Assessment of Clinical Outcomes and Safety of Eravacycline: A Novel Fluorocycline

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Infect Dis Ther. 2020 Oct 15. doi: 10.1007/s40121-020-00351-0. Online ahead of print.


BACKGROUND: Eravacycline is a novel fluorocycline approved for treatment of intraabdominal infections, with a broad spectrum of activity against a range of pathogens including multidrug-resistant species, including ESBL- or KPC-producing isolates. It is approved for twice-daily dosing with no need for adjustment in renal dysfunction. In the concomitant administration with CYP 3A4-inducing drugs, eravacycline dosing should be modified.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of eravacycline in a range of infections such as intraabdominal infections, pneumonia and diabetic foot infections in seriously ill patients.

METHODS: A retrospective observational cohort study using electronic patient records of 50 consecutive patients administered eravacycline during inpatient acute care admission or as part of outpatient antibiotic therapy (OPAT).

RESULTS: Therapy of 1.5 mg/kg q24h was initiated in the hospital in most patients, although some of the less sick were managed in the office or OPAT setting. All patients concluded their management outside of the hospital. Of the 50 patients, 47 (94%) achieved clinical resolution of their infection and 3 (6%) clinical failures occurred. Only three (6%) patients did not have comorbidities, three had a single comorbidity (6%), and the majority (88%) of patients had two or more comorbidities. Most common infections were intraabdominal (36%), pneumonia (18%), diabetic foot (12%), spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (8%) and empyema (8%). Almost half of infections had more than one pathogen isolated, and resistant isolates were frequent. The drug was well tolerated with only two reports of nausea, which did not result in treatment discontinuation, and in 30 days of post-eravacycline therapy only one case of Clostridiodes difficile.

CONCLUSIONS: In this real-world setting, eravacycline demonstrated a similar high level of clinical efficacy as seen in clinical trials, 94%, in a variety of infections, including against multidrug-resistant bacteria, and was well tolerated.

PMID:33063176 | DOI:10.1007/s40121-020-00351-0

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