Lung ultrasonography for early management of patients with respiratory symptoms during COVID-19 pandemic

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Smargiassi A, et al. J Ultrasound 2020 - Review.


COVID-19 pandemic is representing a serious challenge to worldwide public health. Lung Ultrasonography (LUS) has been signaled as a potential useful tool in this pandemic contest either to intercept viral pneumonia or to foster alternative paths. LUS could be useful in determining early lung involvement suggestive or not of COVID-19 pneumonia and potentially plays a role in managing decisions for hospitalization in isolation or admission in general ward. In order to face pandemic, in a period in which a large number of emergency room accesses with suspicious symptoms are expected, physicians need a standardized ultrasonographic approach, fast educational processes in order to be able to recognize both suggestive and not suggestive echographic signs and shared algorithms for LUS role in early management of patients.

PMID:32638333 | DOI:10.1007/s40477-020-00501-7

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