ICU and ventilator mortality among critically ill adults with COVID-19

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Auld S, et al. medRxiv 2020.


We report preliminary data from a cohort of adults admitted to COVID-designated intensive care units from March 6 through April 17, 2020 across an academic healthcare system. Among 217 critically ill patients, mortality for those who required mechanical ventilation was 29.7% (49/165), with 8.5% (14/165) of patients still on the ventilator at the time of this report. Overall mortality to date in this critically ill cohort is 25.8% (56/217), and 40.1% (87/217) patients have survived to hospital discharge. Despite multiple reports of mortality rates exceeding 50% among critically ill adults with COVID-19, particularly among those requiring mechanical ventilation, our early experience indicates that many patients survive their critical illness.

PMID:32511599 | PMC:PMC7276026 | DOI:10.1101/2020.04.23.20076737

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