Effect of Nonselective β-Blockers on Mortality in Patients With End-Stage Cirrhosis.

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Effect of Nonselective β-Blockers on Mortality in Patients With End-Stage Cirrhosis.

Ann Pharmacother. 2019 Nov 08;:1060028019886529

Authors: Snoga JL, Lusk KA, Attridge RT, Attridge RL

Background: Data regarding safety of nonselective β-blockers (NSBBs) in patients with end-stage cirrhosis are conflicting, making it difficult for practitioners to justify if benefits outweigh the risks. Objective: Evaluate the effect of NSBB use on mortality in patients with end-stage cirrhosis. Methods: We performed a dual-center retrospective study of patients who received octreotide for a variceal bleed. Patients were stratified into 2 groups based on whether or not a NSBB was prescribed at hospital discharge. The primary outcome was 24-month mortality. Multivariable logistic regression, with 24-month mortality as the dependent variable, was performed to identify independent risk factors for the primary outcome. Results: 255 patients met inclusion criteria; 24-month mortality was 32.8%. The NSBB and no-NSBB groups had similar mortality rates at 24 months (32.0% vs 38.5%, P = 0.51). Mortality at 3 months (11.6% vs 23.3%, P = 0.08) and 12 months (22.2% vs 30.0%, P = 0.36) were similar, and there were no differences in rate of variceal bleeding (22.7% vs 13.3%, P = 0.34) or cirrhosis-related cause of death (20.4% vs 23.3%, P = 0.81). In the multivariable model, age, model for end-stage liver disease with sodium and hepatocellular carcinoma were independent risk factors for 24-month mortality. NSBB therapy had no effect on 24-month mortality (adjusted odds ratio = 1.05; 95% CI = 0.32 to 3.40). Conclusion and Relevance: In patients with end-stage cirrhosis, use of NSBBs did not affect 24-month mortality. More research is needed to determine when, and if, NSBBs should be discontinued in end-stage cirrhosis.

PMID: 31701773 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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