Clinician’s Guide to the Updated ABCs of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: A Review Part 2.

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Clinician's Guide to the Updated ABCs of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: A Review Part 2.

Am J Med. 2019 Feb 01;:

Authors: Arps K, Pallazola VA, Cardoso R, Meyer J, Jones R, Latina J, Gluckman TJ, Stone NJ, Blumenthal RS, McEvoy JW

Efforts to better control risk factors for cardiovascular disease and prevent the development of subsequent cardiovascular events are crucial to maintaining healthy populations. In today's busy practice environment and with the overwhelming pace of new research findings, ensuring appropriate emphasis and implementation of evidence-based preventive cardiovascular care can be challenging. The ABCDEF approach to cardiovascular disease prevention is intended to improve dissemination of contemporary best practices and ease the implementation of comprehensive preventive strategies for clinicians. This review serves as a succinct yet authoritative overview for interested internists as well as for cardiologists not otherwise focused on cardiovascular disease prevention. The goal of this two-part series is to compile a state-of-the-art list of elements central to primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, using an ABCDEF checklist. In Part 2, we review new recommendations regarding lipid-modifying strategies, contemporary best practice for tobacco cessation, new evidence related to cardiovascular risk reduction in diabetes using novel therapies, ways to implement a heart-healthy diet, modern interventions to improve physical exercise, and how best to prevent the onset of heart failure.

PMID: 30716297 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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