Validating a Trigger Tool for Detecting Adverse Drug Events in Elderly Patients With Multimorbidity (TRIGGER-CHRON).

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Validating a Trigger Tool for Detecting Adverse Drug Events in Elderly Patients With Multimorbidity (TRIGGER-CHRON).

J Patient Saf. 2018 Nov 09;:

Authors: Toscano Guzmán MD, Galván Banqueri M, Otero MJ, Sánchez Fidalgo S, Font Noguera I, Pérez Guerrero MC

PURPOSE: The aims of the study were to evaluate the performance of an initial list developed to detect adverse drug events (ADEs) in elderly patients with multimorbidity in clinical practice, to explore the possibility of shortening the list, and to use this tool to study the incidence and characteristics of the ADEs among this population.
METHODS: This observational study was conducted at 12 Spanish hospitals. A random sample of five charts from each hospital was selected weekly for retrospective review for a 12-week period. We included patients aged 65 years and older with multimorbidity, hospitalized more than 48 hours. Adverse drug events were detected using a list of 51 triggers previously selected by an expert panel by means of a modified Delphi method. The number of triggers identified and ADEs detected were recorded. The severity and preventability of the ADEs were evaluated. The positive predictive value (PPV) of each trigger was calculated and used to select the most efficient triggers.
RESULTS: In 720 charts reviewed, 1430 positive triggers were identified that led to detect 215 ADEs in 178 patients (24.7%), of which 13% were serious. One hundred nineteen ADEs (55.3%) were preventable and mainly related to inadequate treatment monitoring and prescribing errors. Triggers with a PPV of 5% or less were eliminated, resulting in a final list of 32 triggers (TRIGGER-CHRON) with a PPV of 22.1%, which accounted for 98.9% of all ADEs detected and 98.6% of the preventable ADEs.
CONCLUSIONS: The shorter final validated TRIGGER-CHRON tool is an efficient list for identifying ADEs in elderly patients with multimorbidity, detecting ADEs in one-fourth of hospitalized patients in internal medicine or geriatric units.

PMID: 30418424 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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