Dizziness and the Otolaryngology Point of View.

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Dizziness and the Otolaryngology Point of View.

Med Clin North Am. 2018 Nov;102(6):1001-1012

Authors: Sorathia S, Agrawal Y, Schubert MC

Dizziness can be due to pathology from multiple physiologic systems, the most common being vestibular. Dizziness may be categorized as vertigo, disequilibrium, lightheadedness, or oscillopsia. Vertigo is an illusion of motion often caused by asymmetrical vestibular input to the brainstem. To evaluate vertigo, it is essential to include the symptom's quality, timing, frequency, trigger, influence from positional changes, and other associations from the history. Oculomotor, otologic, balance testing, positional testing, and nystagmus testing are equally important components of the examination. Two of the most common diagnoses are readily treated with canalith repositioning maneuvers and vestibular rehabilitation exercises.

PMID: 30342604 [PubMed - in process]

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