Coronary CT Angiography: Reversal of Earlier Utilization Trends.

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Coronary CT Angiography: Reversal of Earlier Utilization Trends.

J Am Coll Radiol. 2018 Aug 26;:

Authors: Levin DC, Parker L, Halpern EJ, Rao VM

PURPOSE: To assess recent trends in utilization of coronary CT angiography (CCTA), based upon place of service and provider specialty.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: The nationwide Medicare Part B master files for 2006 through 2016 were the data source. Current Procedural Terminology, version 4 codes for CCTA were selected. The files provided procedure volume for each code. Utilization rates per 100,000 Medicare fee-for-service enrollees were then calculated. Medicare's place-of-service codes were used to identify CCTAs performed in private offices, hospital outpatient departments (HOPDs), emergency departments (EDs), and inpatient settings. Physician specialty codes were used to identify CCTAs interpreted by radiologists, cardiologists, and all other physicians as a group. Medicare practice share was defined as the percent of total Medicare utilization that was billed by each specialty.
RESULTS: The total utilization rate of CCTA in the Medicare population rose sharply from 2006 to 2007, peaking at 210.3 per 100,000 enrollees in 2007. Radiologists' CCTA practice share in 2007 was 32%, compared with 60% for cardiologists. The overall utilization rate then declined to a nadir of 107.1 per 100,000 enrollees in 2013, but subsequently increased to 131.0 by 2016. By that year, radiologists' share of CCTA practice had risen to 58%, compared with 38% for cardiologists. HOPD utilization increased sharply since 2010, primarily among radiologists. In EDs and inpatient settings, greater utilization has also occurred recently, primarily among radiologists. By contrast, private office utilization has dropped sharply since 2007.
CONCLUSION: After years of declining utilization, the utilization rate of CCTA is now increasing, predominantly among radiologists.

PMID: 30158087 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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