Feedback Quality Using an Observation Form.

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Feedback Quality Using an Observation Form.

J Med Educ Curric Dev. 2018 Jan-Dec;5:2382120518777768

Authors: Beck Dallaghan GL, Higgins J, Reinhardt A

Background: Direct observations with focused feedback are critical components for medical student education. Numerous challenges exist in providing useful comments to students during their clerkships. Students' evaluations of the clerkship indicated they were not receiving feedback from preceptors or house officers.
Objective: To encourage direct observation with feedback, Structured Patient Care Observation (SPCO) forms were used to evaluate third-year medical students during patient encounters.
Design: In 2014-2015, third-year medical students at a Midwestern medical school completing an 8-week pediatrics clerkship provided experiences on inpatient wards and in ambulatory clinics. Students were expected to solicit feedback using the SPCO form.
Results/Findings: A total of 121 third-year medical students completed the pediatrics clerkship. All of the students completed at least one SPCO form. Several students had more than one observation documented, resulting in 161 SPCOs submitted. Eight were excluded for missing data, leaving 153 observations for analysis. Encounter settings included hospital (70), well-child visits (34), sick visits (41), not identified (8). Observers included attending physicians (88) and residents (65). The SPCOs generated 769 points of feedback, comments coalesced into themes of patient interviews, physical examination, or communication with patients and family. Once themes were identified, comments within each theme were further categorized as either actionable or reinforcing feedback.
Discussion: SPCOs provided a structure to receive formative feedback from clinical supervisors. Within each theme, reinforcing feedback and actionable comments specific enough to be useful in shaping future encounters were identified.

PMID: 29900403 [PubMed]

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