In-hospital worsening heart failure in patients admitted for acute heart failure.

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In-hospital worsening heart failure in patients admitted for acute heart failure.

Int J Cardiol. 2016 Oct 5;225:353-361

Authors: Carubelli V, Cotter G, Davison B, Gishe J, Senger S, Bonadei I, Gorga E, Lazzarini V, Lombardi C, Metra M

BACKGROUND: In-hospital worsening heart failure (WHF) is predictive of worse post-discharge outcomes and has been recently used as an endpoint in clinical trials in acute heart failure (AHF).
METHODS: We described the clinical and prognostic significance of WHF in consecutive patients hospitalized for AHF at our institute. WHF was defined as worsening signs and symptoms of HF requiring treatment intensification. We compared WHF events by day 7 (early WHF) with WHF occurring at any time during admission. The primary endpoint was cardiovascular (CV) death and HF rehospitalizations through day 60.
RESULTS: We included 387 consecutive patients. Median length of stay was 11days (interquartile range 8-18days). Forty-five patients (11.6%) had WHF, HF rehospitalization, or death through day 7 whereas 90 (23.3%) had WHF or died at any time during initial hospitalization. Patients with WHF occurring any time during admission were more symptomatic, had lower systolic blood pressure, worse renal function, and higher troponins at baseline. Both early WHF and WHF at any time during hospitalization were associated with a longer length of stay and higher CV death and HF rehospitalization rates at day 60, but only WHF at any time was associated with all-cause death at day 180 (adjusted HR 2.42 95% CI 1.30, 4.52; p=0.0055) and with all-cause death any time during the follow-up period (adjusted HR 1.60 95% CI 1.02, 2.53; p=0.0425).
CONCLUSIONS: Our study confirms the prognostic significance of WHF and shows the independent prognostic value of WHF also for long-term mortality when assessed throughout hospitalization.

PMID: 27756041 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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