Recognizing, diagnosing, and treating rhabdomyolysis.

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Recognizing, diagnosing, and treating rhabdomyolysis.

JAAPA. 2016 Apr 5;

Authors: Heard H, Barker J

Rhabdomyolysis is an acute and potentially fatal syndrome characterized by striated muscle breakdown and subsequent release of muscle cell contents into the systemic circulation. The sudden release of large quantities of potassium, calcium, organic acids, and myoglobin into the bloodstream can cause renal tubal toxicity, cardiac dysrhythmias, and death. Complications can be managed and minimized if predicted and treated early, but patients may not have classic symptoms of rhabdomyolysis and may even be asymptomatic on presentation. This article reviews the pathophysiology, causes, diagnosis, and treatment of acute rhabdomyolysis.

PMID: 27049401 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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