Care-related pain in hospitalized patients: severity and patient perception of management.

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Care-related pain in hospitalized patients: severity and patient perception of management.

Eur J Pain. 2015 Mar;19(3):313-21

Authors: Ambrogi V, Tezenas du Montcel S, Collin E, Coutaux A, Bourgeois P, Bourdillon F

BACKGROUND: Hospitalized patients commonly undergo painful procedures, but little is known about care-related pain (CRP) in the overall population of inpatients. We conducted a cross-sectional 1-day survey to assess the prevalence and characteristics of CRP and its management in all units of a university hospital in Paris and determined the factors linked to severe CRP.
METHODS: All patients who were able to communicate and were hospitalized for at least 24 h but not in a day-care or neonatal unit were included.
RESULTS: From 938 patients who completed the questionnaire, 554 patients reported pain within the previous 24 h, for a 59% prevalence of pain, and 540 (58%) had experienced CRP in the previous 15 days (51% males; mean [SD] age 54 [18] years). Of 907 procedures, 330 (37%) resulted in severe pain. The most-often reported painful procedures were vascular punctures and patient mobilization. Severe CRP was associated with long hospitalization; non-vascular invasive punctures, catheterization, mobilization or radiological examination; or pain during the previous 24 h due to surgery or treatment. Only half of the patients declared that they had received information regarding the painful procedure. Treatment for pain was proposed and delivered in less than one quarter of cases.
CONCLUSIONS: Our results of a survey of pain management in hospitalized patients relate to a wide variety of medical conditions and procedures. Health-care workers should be more systematic in managing CRP, and attention should be paid to patients at greatest risk of severe CRP.

PMID: 25055764 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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