Improving recognition and management of acute kidney injury.

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Improving recognition and management of acute kidney injury.

Acute Med. 2014;13(3):108-12

Authors: Tsui A, Rajani C, Doshi R, De Wolff J, Tennant R, Duncan N, Penn H

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is currently suboptimally recognised and managed in the UK, despite its association with significant patient morbidity, mortality and consequent implications for healthcare economics. Our prospective study, performed in a large urban London hospital, demonstrated that the introduction of a specially designed care bundle can significantly improve documentation of baseline creatinine, assessment and optimisation of fluid status, performance of urine dip, withholding of nephrotoxic drugs, appropriate monitoring of urine output, prescription of renal drug doses, and appropriate consideration of a renal ultrasound and urinary protein-creatinine ratio. Improved compliance of appropriate investigations and initial treatments translated to decreased requirement for intensive care admission and a trend towards shorter length of stays.

PMID: 25229060 [PubMed - in process]

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