Only the Beginning – What’s Next at the Health Insurance Exchanges?

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Only the Beginning - What's Next at the Health Insurance Exchanges?

N Engl J Med. 2013 Sep 4;

Authors: Aaron HJ, Lucia KW

On October 1, the health insurance exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will open for business. Administrators must complete myriad tasks if they are to serve the millions of individuals - many of whom will be eligible for subsidies - and employees of small businesses who are ready to buy insurance. Initial glitches are likely. Some may be serious. But with good will and persistence, they can be corrected, as Massachusetts' experience with a law similar to the ACA has shown. That is not the end of the story, however. After the exchanges are up and running, they . . .

PMID: 24004069 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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