Treatment of neurally mediated reflex syncope.

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Treatment of neurally mediated reflex syncope.

Cardiol Clin. 2013 Feb;31(1):123-9

Authors: Guzman JC, Armaganijan LV, Morillo CA


Neurally mediated reflex syncope, more commonly known as vasovagal syncope (VVS), remains the most common cause of transient loss of consciousness and syncope in all age groups. Most evidence assessing treatment of VVS derived from randomized clinical trials is limited. Multiple modalities of both nonpharmacologic and pharmacologic strategies have been tested, with conflicting results. The treatment of VVS has been directed toward interventions that interrupt the reflex response at different levels, hypothetically preventing the onset of syncope. This article reviews the available evidence of the different nonpharmacologic and pharmacologic therapies available for the treatment of recurrent VVS.

PMID: 23217693 [PubMed - in process]

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