Severe asthma in adults: an orphan disease?

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Severe asthma in adults: an orphan disease?

Clin Chest Med. 2012 Sep;33(3):571-83

Authors: Gaga M, Zervas E, Samitas K, Bel EH


Severe asthma affects fewer than 10% of patients with asthma, is associated with a severe risk of death and disability, has a great impact on health and quality of life, and represents a huge cost to patients and society. Given the poor response to treatment and the side effects associated with medications for severe asthma, more efficient, cost-effective, and phenotype-specific medications are needed. Considering severe asthma as an orphan disease could encourage the pharmaceutical industry to stratify studies based on a more detailed characterization of study subjects at baseline, resulting in the development of novel therapeutic approaches.

PMID: 22929103 [PubMed - in process]

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