Teaching strategies used by internal medicine residents on the wards.

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Teaching strategies used by internal medicine residents on the wards.

Med Teach. 2011;33(12):e697-703

Authors: Smith DT, Kohlwes RJ

BACKGROUND: Residents serve as teachers to interns and students in most internal medicine residency programs. Aim: The purpose of our study is to explore what internal medicine residents perceive as effective teaching strategies in the inpatient setting and to formulate a guideline for preparing residents to lead their ward teams.
METHODS: Housestaff identified as excellent teaching residents were recruited from a large internal medicine residency program. Focus groups were formed and interviews were conducted using open-ended questions. Transcripts of the interviews were reviewed, analyzed, and compared for accuracy by two investigators. The transcripts were then coded to categorize data into similar subjects from which recurrent themes in resident teaching were identified.
RESULTS: Twenty-two residents participated in four focus group interviews held in 2008. We identified five principal themes for effective teaching by residents: (T)aking advantage of teaching opportunities, (E)mpowering learners, (A)ssuming the role of leader, (C)reating a learning environment, and (H)abituating the practice of teaching.
CONCLUSION: Strategies for effective teaching by residents exist. The TEACH mnemonic is a resident-identified method of instruction. Use of this tool could enable residency programs to create instructional curricula to prepare their residents and interns to take on the roles of team leaders and teachers.

PMID: 22225453 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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