Patient Satisfaction at America’s Lowest Performing Hospitals.

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Patient Satisfaction at America's Lowest Performing Hospitals.

Circ Cardiovasc Qual Outcomes. 2012 Apr 10;

Authors: Girotra S, Cram P, Popescu I

BACKGROUND: <0.01 for all). After adjusting for hospital characteristics, patients were less likely to recommend low-performing hospitals to family or friends, relative to intermediate and top-performing hospitals (AMI: 58.8% versus 63.9% versus 68.8%, HF: 61.3% versus 64.0% versus 66.8%; P<0.001 for all), or provide an overall rating of ?9 out of 10 (AMI: 56.7% versus 60.7% versus 64.9%, HF: 57.8% versus 61.1% versus 63.6%; P<0.01 for all). Despite the association between the hospital's performance on process measures and patient satisfaction, we noted discordance between these measures (kappa statistic <0.20).ConclusionsHospitals with consistently poor performance on cardiac process measures also have lower patient satisfaction on average, suggesting that these hospitals have overall poor quality of care. However, there is discordance between the 2 measures in profiling hospital quality.

PMID: 22496113 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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