A qualitative difference. Patients’ views of hospital food service in Iran.

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A qualitative difference. Patients' views of hospital food service in Iran.

Appetite. 2011 Jun 24;

Authors: Jessri M, Mirmiran P, Jessri M, Johns N, Rashidkhani B, Amiri P, Barfmal N, Azizi F

Undernutrition and food acceptability in hospitals form a worldwide problem, but existing studies offer a predominantly Western perspective. This research investigated inpatients' satisfaction with meals in five Iranian hospitals, using focus group discussions, interviews and meal observations. The main problem areas included food quality and quantity, nutritional control, meal arrangements and staff attitudes. Iran's hospitals follow a Western model, which may be appropriate for medical systems, but is less so for patient feeding, due to budgetary constraints and cultural factors. Understanding patients' experience makes it possible to improve feeding arrangements, with a positive impact upon patients' nutrition.

PMID: 21729728 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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