Utile or futile: biomarkers in the ICU.

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Utile or futile: biomarkers in the ICU.

Crit Care. 2011 Mar 9;15(2):131

Authors: Balmelli C, Drexler B, Mueller C

ABSTRACT: Biomarkers complement other clinical information by proving quantitative data regarding a pathophysiological mechanism that can be used for the early diagnosis of a specific disease, to monitor and guide treatment, and to predict the risk of death or other adverse events. The stronger the link between the information provided by the biomarker and the immediate clinical course of action that we physicians take in response, the higher the clinical utility of the biomarker. This link is weakest for prognostic biomarkers applied in patients with a wide variety of diseases, such as in unselected intensive care unit (ICU) patients. Although the added value on top of current ICU mortality scores seems to be too low to justify clinical use, the observation that hemodynamic cardiac stress and inflammation are present in multiple conditions provides important insights into the pathophysiology of common disorders in the ICU.

PMID: 21457515 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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