New antifungal agents for the treatment of candidaemia.

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New antifungal agents for the treatment of candidaemia.

Int J Antimicrob Agents. 2010 Dec 1;

Authors: Muñoz P, Guinea J, Rojas L, Bouza E

Suspected or proven invasive candidiasis is an important indication for antifungal drugs and a leading cause of death. Prompt initiation of effective therapy has a marked effect on survival, but the indiscriminate application of different risk-factor-based prediction models is massively increasing the number of patients treated unnecessarily. Fluconazole resistance levels are <5% in most European centres and the use of low doses is still common. Candins are fungicidal, have efficacy against device-related infections, have few interactions and are well tolerated. Accordingly, the use of newer, more expensive drugs must be carefully balanced in each case. Campaigns directed towards stewardship in antifungal drug use must take into consideration the choice of the drug, the dose and route of administration, and the length of therapy. Early microbiological information and medical education may contribute to better use of these important drugs. We review the characteristics of the new antifungals used for the treatment of candidaemia.

PMID: 21129925 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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