[Reflections on the role of the physician in in-hospital duties]

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[Reflections on the role of the physician in in-hospital duties]

Rev Clin Esp. 2009 Apr;209(4):185-8

Authors: Montero Ruiz E, Hernández Ahijado C, García Sánchez F, Ramos Ramos JC

The physician on-call is a fundamental support for modern in-patient care. The majority of the time during which a patient is in the hospital, he/she is under their care. There is almost no information about its clinical aspects. These are greatly influenced by the patient, his/her family, other patients and their relatives, catering services, some special situations, nursing personnel, and the doctor both as the main responsible person for the patient and as the physician on-call. As the doctor on call, he/she should have a clear idea of what the objectives are, achieve good management of the calls received, make the difference corresponding decisions and help the work of the patient's responsible physician. It is necessary to analyze and adapt the amount of work that the physician on-call has.

PMID: 19457326 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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