Diagnosis and treatment of severe sepsis.

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Diagnosis and treatment of severe sepsis.

Crit Care. 2007;11 Suppl 5:S2

Authors: Claessens YE, Dhainaut JF

The burden of infection in industrialized countries has prompted considerable effort to improve the outcomes of patients with sepsis. This has been formalized through the Surviving Sepsis Campaign 'bundles', derived from the recommendations of 11 professional societies, which have promoted global improvement in those practices whose primary goal it is to reduce sepsis-related death. However, difficulties remain in implementing all of the procedures recommended by the experts, despite the apparent pragmatism of those procedures. We summarize the main proposals made by the Surviving Sepsis Campaign and focus on the difficulties associated with making a proper diagnosis and supplying adequate treatment promptly to septic patients.

PMID: 18269689 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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