Updated information on new coronavirus disease 2019 occurrence, drugs, and prediction of a potential receptor

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J Biochem Mol Toxicol. 2020 Aug 8:e22594. doi: 10.1002/jbt.22594. Online ahead of print.


The new coronavirus (COVID-19) was first reported in Wuhan in China, on 31 December 2019. COVID-19 is a new virus from the family of coronaviruses that can cause symptoms ranging from a simple cold to pneumonia. The virus is thought to bind to the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2, as a well-known mechanism to enter the cell. It then transfers its DNA to the host in which the virus replicates the DNA. The viral infection leads to severe lack of oxygen, lung oxidative stress because of reactive oxygen species generation, and overactivation of the immune system by activating immune mediators. The purpose of this review is to elaborate on the more precise mechanism(s) to manage the treatment of the disease. Regarding the mechanisms of the virus action, the suggested pharmacological and nutritional regimens have been described.

PMID:32770858 | DOI:10.1002/jbt.22594

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