Complaint management system and patient satisfaction in grassroots hospitals

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Medicine (Baltimore). 2024 Feb 23;103(8):e37275. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000037275.


Primary healthcare institutions face limitations in medical resources, leading to concerns from patients and their families regarding the quality of medical services, resulting in complaints against these institutions. This study aims to analyze the causes of complaints and implement improvement measures to enhance the service quality of primary healthcare institutions, increase satisfaction among patients and their families, and reduce the number of complaints. Relevant data were collected, and verified complaints were categorized based on departments, administrative office, and category. Pearson Chi-square test, Spearman correlation analysis, as well as univariate logistic regression were employed to analyze factors influencing patient satisfaction. A complaint-handling process was established, and regulations pertaining to complaints were formulated. Pearson Chi-square test results indicated a significant correlation between satisfaction and departments (P = .016) and administrative office (P = .022). Spearman correlation analysis revealed a significant correlation between satisfaction and departments (ρ = 0.157, P = .017) and administrative office (ρ = 0.151, P = .021). Univariate logistic regression analysis demonstrated a significant correlation between satisfaction and other related complaints in administrative office (OR = 3.321, 95% CI = 1.196-9.218, P = .021). Complaints related to departments and administrative offices are significantly correlated with satisfaction. After the implementation of a complaint management system in primary healthcare institutions, there is a notable improvement in service quality, enhanced patient experience, increased satisfaction, and a reduction in hospital complaints.

PMID:38394519 | DOI:10.1097/MD.0000000000037275

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