Enhancing proficiency in ascites puncture through procedural simulation: an audit type study investigating medium-term skill retention

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BMC Med Educ. 2024 Feb 1;24(1):107. doi: 10.1186/s12909-024-05063-4.


INTRODUCTION: Medical simulation has become an essential teaching method for all health professionals. It not only allows to acquire technical and non-technical knowledge, but also helps the maintenance of acquired knowledge in the medium and long term. Ascites puncture is part of the basic technical procedures learned by medical students during their internship.

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the role of simulation-based learning of ascites puncture on the improvement of theoretical knowledge and maintenance of skills at 3 months.

METHODS: We conducted an audit type study with two cycles of data collection at the simulation center at the Faculty of Medicine of Sousse between November 2020 and June 2021. We included learners in their third year of medical studies who had a hospital internship in the gastroenterology department at Sahloul Hospital in Sousse. All learners attended the initial simulation session on ascites fluid puncture. Thereafter, they were free to accept or refuse participation in the evaluation session that was scheduled after 3 months, depending on their availability.

RESULTS: Forty learners participated in the procedural simulation of the ascites fluid puncture technique. Thirty-four (85%) were female and six (5%) were male. In our study, we showed that following procedural simulation training of ascites puncture, there was a significant improvement in the theoretical knowledge of the learners (p < 0.000). Objective assessment of technical skills after 3 months showed the benefit of performance maintenance (p < 0.000).

CONCLUSION: Our study confirmed the benefit of simulation-based learning on the improvement of theoretical knowledge and the maintenance of technical performance in the medium term.

PMID:38303061 | PMC:PMC10835857 | DOI:10.1186/s12909-024-05063-4

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