An exploration of the early discharge approach for low-risk STEMI patients following primary percutaneous coronary intervention

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Am J Cardiovasc Dis. 2023 Apr 15;13(2):32-42. eCollection 2023.


Recently, there has been growing interest in the early discharge strategy for low-risk patients who have undergone primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) to treat ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). So far findings have suggested there are multiple advantages of shorter hospital stays, including that it could be a safe way to be more cost- and resource-efficient, reduce cases of hospital-acquired infection and boost patient satisfaction. However, there are remaining concerns surrounding safety, patient education, adequate follow-up and the generalisability of the findings from current studies which are mostly small-scale. By assessing the current research, we describe the advantages, disadvantages and challenges of early hospital discharge for STEMI and discuss the factors that determine if a patient can be considered low risk. If it is feasible to safely employ a strategy like this, the implications for healthcare systems worldwide could be extremely beneficial, particularly in lower-income economies and when we consider the detrimental impacts of the recent COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare systems.

PMID:37213314 | PMC:PMC10193248

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