Speaking up at conference question and answer sessions-disruptive behaviour typography and assessment scale

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Postgrad Med J. 2023 Apr 20:qgad027. doi: 10.1093/postmj/qgad027. Online ahead of print.


Conferences can be a space to present new research, network, and provide an opportunity for learning. Delegates can meet field leaders, peers, top doctors, and international colleagues in various areas of expertise. Challenging behaviours, in particular in the question and answer session, but also during lectures themselves, may reduce overall enjoyment and learning. The authors of this article have written an observational reflection on some observed behaviours and have come up with a 10-point assessment scale. The article aims to stimulate discussion on what constitutes disruptive conduct, but also serves as a guide for conference session chair-people and delegates to spot patterns of contribution that may be unwelcome.

PMID:37083850 | DOI:10.1093/postmj/qgad027

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