Use of procedural ultrasound for the insertion of peripheral intravenous catheters: A nationwide survey in acute care departments in Belgium

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Acute Med. 2023;22(1):33-38. doi: 10.52964/AMJA.0931.


PURPOSE: Assessment of ultrasound use for peripheral intravenous cannulation among acute care nurses and physicians.

METHODS: Over a population of 17,437, the calculated sample size of respondents required was 376.

RESULTS: A total of 388 health professionals; 249 (64.2%) physicians and 139 (35.8%) nurses completed the entire questionnaire. 166 (45.2%) used ultrasound for intravenous cannulation. A statistically significant difference favored physicians' ultrasound use (p<0.001). Respondents with less than 10 years of clinical practice used ultrasound significantly more (p<0.001). The main reported obstacle among users was the lack of time.

CONCLUSION: This survey revealed the gap between the current recommendations for ultrasound use for peripheral intravenous cannulation and the actual practices. Efforts should be made to develop specific training using ultrasound.

PMID:37039054 | DOI:10.52964/AMJA.0931

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