Management of vertebral osteomyelitis in adults

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Br J Hosp Med (Lond). 2023 Jan 2;84(1):1-5. doi: 10.12968/hmed.2022.0362. Epub 2023 Jan 16.


Vertebral osteomyelitis is a condition that predominantly affects older men with chronic comorbidities, such as diabetes, renal and hepatic failure, or immunosuppression. Symptoms develop insidiously and a high index of suspicion is required to diagnose the condition; this is achieved through serological testing and imaging. The mainstay of treatment is long-term antibiotic therapy, lasting a minimum of 6 weeks; however, surgical debridement with stabilisation is required when conservative treatment is proving ineffective and infection progresses. It is critically important that sufficient treatment is provided for those experiencing vertebral osteomyelitis, as not doing so could lead to severe neurological compromise and death.

PMID:36708343 | DOI:10.12968/hmed.2022.0362

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