Statin Use and Mortality among Patients Hospitalized with Sepsis: A Retrospective Cohort Study within Southern California, 2008-2018

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Crit Care Res Pract. 2022 May 6;2022:7127531. doi: 10.1155/2022/7127531. eCollection 2022.


BACKGROUND: Despite early goal-directed therapy, sepsis mortality remains high. Statins exhibit pleiotropic effects.

OBJECTIVE: We sought to compare mortality outcomes among statin users versus nonusers who were hospitalized with sepsis.

METHODS: Retrospective cohort study of patients (age ≥18 years) during 1/1/2008-9/30/2018. Mortality was compared between statin users and nonusers and within statin users (hydrophilic versus lipophilic, fungal versus synthetic derivation, and individual statins head-to-head). Multivariable Cox regression models were used to estimate hazard ratios (HR) for 30-day and 90-day mortality. Inverse probability treatment weighting (IPTW) analysis was performed to account for indication bias.

RESULTS: Among 128,161 sepsis patients, 34,088 (26.6%) were prescribed statin drugs prior to admission. Statin users compared to nonusers had a 30-day and 90-day mortality HR (95% CI) of 0.80 (0.77-0.83) and 0.79 (0.77-0.81), respectively. Synthetic derived statin users compared to fungal derived users had a 30- and 90-day mortality HR (95% CI) of 0.86 (0.81-0.91) and 0.85 (0.81-0.89), respectively. Hydrophilic statin users compared to lipophilic users had a 30-day and 90-day mortality HR (95% CI) of 0.90 (0.81-1.01) and 0.86 (0.78-0.94), respectively. Compared to simvastatin, 30-day mortality HRs (95% CI) were 0.85 (0.66-1.10), 0.87 (0.82-0.92), 0.87 (0.76-0.98), and 1.22 (1.10-1.36) for rosuvastatin, atorvastatin, pravastatin, and lovastatin, respectively.

CONCLUSION: Statin use was associated with lower mortality in patients hospitalized with sepsis. Hydrophilic and synthetic statins were associated with better outcomes than lipophilic and fungal-based preparations.

PMID:35573912 | PMC:PMC9106495 | DOI:10.1155/2022/7127531

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