Echocardiographic 60-day mortality markers in patients hospitalized in intensive care for COVID-19

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Heart Lung. 2022 Jan 3;52:123-129. doi: 10.1016/j.hrtlng.2021.12.007. Online ahead of print.


BACKGROUND: Coronavirus disease COVID-19 produces a predominantly pulmonary affection, being cardiac involvement an important component of the multiorganic dysfunction. At the moment there are few reports about the behavior of echocardiographic images in the patients who have the severe forms of the disease.

OBJECTIVE: Identify the echocardiographic prognostic markers for death within 60 days in patients hospitalized in intensive care.

METHODS: A single-center prospective cohort was made with patients hospitalized in intensive care for COVID-19 confirmed via polymerase chain reaction who got an echocardiogram between May and October 2020. A Cox multivariate model was plotted reporting the HR and confidence intervals with their respective p values for clinical and echocardiographic variables.

RESULTS: Out of the 326 patients included, 153 patients got an echocardiogram performed on average 6.8 days after admission. The average age was 60.7, 47 patients (30.7%) were females and 67 (44.7%) registered positive troponin. 91 patients (59.5%) died. The univariate analysis identified TAPSE, LVEF, pulmonary artery systolic pressure, acute cor pulmonale, right ventricle diastolic dysfunction, and right ventricular dilatation as variables associated with mortality. The multivariate model identified that the acute cor pulmonale with HR= 4.05 (CI 95% 1.09 - 15.02, p 0.037), the right ventricular dilatation with HR= 3.33 (CI 95% 1.29 - 8.61, p 0.013), and LVEF with HR= 0.94 (CI 95% 0.89 - 0.99, p 0.020) were associated with mortality within 60 days.

CONCLUSIONS: In patients hospitalized in the intensive care unit for COVID-19, the LVEF, acute cor pulmonale and right ventricular dilatation are prognostic echocardiographic markers associated with death within 60 days.

PMID:35016107 | PMC:PMC8720561 | DOI:10.1016/j.hrtlng.2021.12.007

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