Albumin substitution?: A review of the indications in general internal medicine

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Rev Med Suisse. 2021 Nov 24;17(760):2022-2026.


Albumin has multiple physiological functions such as maintenance of oncotic pressure, binding of plasmatic molecule, immunomodulation and endothelial stabilization. Considering potential negative effects of hypoalbuminemia, the question of albumin substitution arises. For cirrhotic patients, indications for substitution are well established with a scientific consensus for spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, paracentesis-induced circulatory dysfunction and hepatorenal syndrome. However, in the case of hepatic encephalopathy or of hypoalbuminemia in non-cirrhotic patients, the scientific consensus is absent, and the results of clinical studies differ. In this article, we present the different indications of albumin substitution by examining the most recent studies.


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