Prognostic Value of Isolated Elevated Troponin I Levels in Patients without Acute Coronary Syndrome Admitted to the Emergency Department

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Arq Bras Cardiol. 2021 May;116(5):928-937. doi: 10.36660/abc.20190356.


BACKGROUND: Although non-ischemic troponin elevation is frequently seen in patients admitted to the emergency department (ED), consensus regarding its management is lacking.

OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to characterize patients admitted to the ED with non-ischemic troponin elevation and to identify potential mortality predictors in this population.

METHODS: This retrospective observational study included ED patients with a positive troponin test result between June and July of 2015. Patients with a clinical diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) were excluded. Data on patient demographics and clinical and laboratory variables were extracted from medical records. Follow-up data were obtained for 16 months or until death occurred. The statistical significance level was 5%.

RESULTS: Troponin elevation without ACS was found in 153 ED patients. The median (IQR) patient age was 78 (19) years, 80 (52.3%) were female and 59(38.6%) died during follow-up. The median (IQR) follow-up period was 477(316) days. Survivors were significantly younger 76 (24) vs. 84 (13) years; p=0.004) and featured a higher proportion of isolated troponin elevation (without creatine kinase or myoglobin elevation) in two consecutive evaluations: 48 (53.9%) vs. 8 (17.4%), p<0.001. Survivors also presented a lower rate of antiplatelet treatment and same-day hospitalization. In the multivariate logistic regression with adjustment for significant variables in the univariate analysis, isolated troponin elevation in two consecutive evaluations showed a hazard ratio= 0.43 (95%CI 0.17-0.96, p=0.039); hospitalization, previous antiplatelet treatment and age remained independently associated with mortality.

CONCLUSIONS: Isolated troponin elevation in two consecutive measurements was a strong predictor of survival in ED patients with troponin elevation but without ACS.

PMID:34008817 | DOI:10.36660/abc.20190356

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