Kidney injury in COVID-19

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World J Nephrol. 2020 Nov 29;9(2):18-32. doi: 10.5527/wjn.v9.i2.18.


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) continues to affect millions of people around the globe. As data emerge, it is becoming more evident that extrapulmonary organ involvement, particularly the kidneys, highly influence mortality. The incidence of acute kidney injury has been estimated to be 30% in COVID-19 non-survivors. Current evidence suggests four broad mechanisms of renal injury: Hypovolaemia, acute respiratory distress syndrome related, cytokine storm and direct viral invasion as seen on renal autopsy findings. We look to critically assess the epidemiology, pathophysiology and management of kidney injury in COVID-19.

PMID:33312899 | PMC:PMC7701935 | DOI:10.5527/wjn.v9.i2.18

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