Prognostic Value Of Blood Cultures as an Illness Severity Marker In Emergency Medical Admissions

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Acute Med. 2020;19(2):83-89.


BACKGROUND: Positive blood cultures predict mortality. The prognostic value of blood culture performance itself has not been fully defined.

METHODS: We evaluated medical admissions from 2002-2017. We defined blood culture category as 1) no culture 2) negative culture 3) positive culture. We employed a multivariable logistic regression model to evaluate outcomes.

RESULTS: We evaluated 78,568 blood cultures in 106,586 admissions. 30-day in-hospital mortality for no culture was 2.8% (95%CI 2.7, 2.9), culture negative 8.9% (95%CI 8.5, 9.3) and culture positive 16.7% (95%CI 15.5, 17.9). There was significant interaction between blood culture category and illness severity, OR 1.06 (95%CI 1.05, 1.08), and comorbidity, OR 1.09 (95%CI 1.09, 1.10).

CONCLUSION: Performance and results of blood cultures are independently associated with increased mortality.


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