Recognizable vascular skin manifestations of SARS CoV-2 infection are uncommon in patients with skin-of-color

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Clin Exp Dermatol. 2020 Aug 16. doi: 10.1111/ced.14421. Online ahead of print.


Reported cutaneous manifestations of SARS-Cov-2 infection include maculopapular rash, urticarial rash, varicelliform or vesicular lesions, petechiae/purpura, livedoid/necrotic lesions, chilblains-like lesions (Covid toes), erythema multiforme-like lesions,1 and aphthous ulcers.2 These cutaneous manifestations have been mostly reported from countries with Caucasian populations with a paucity of data from the skin-of-color populations.3 We conducted a prospective study to report the prevalence and patterns of cutaneous manifestations in COVID-19 patients from India.

PMID:32803786 | DOI:10.1111/ced.14421

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