Characteristics and Outcomes of Hospitalized Young Adults with Mild Covid -19

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J Assoc Physicians India. 2020 Aug;68(8):62-65.


BACKGROUND: Stormy course has been reported among hospitalized adults with COVID-19 in high- and middle-income countries. To assess clinical outcomes in consecutively hospitalized patients with mild covid-19 in India we performed a study.

METHODS: We developed a case registry of successive patients admitted with suspected covid-19 infection to our hospital (n=501). Covid-19 was diagnosed using reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). Demographic, clinical, investigations details and outcomes were recorded. Descriptive statistics are presented.

RESULTS: Covid-19 was diagnosed in 234 (46.7%) and data compared with 267 (53.3%) negative controls. Mean age of covid-19 patients was 35.1±16.6y, 59.4% were <40y and 64% men. Symptoms were in less than 10% and comorbidities were in 4-8%. History of BCG vaccination was in 49% cases vs 10% controls. Cases compared to controls had significantly greater white cell (6.96+1.89 vs 6.12+1.69x109 cells/L) and lower lymphocyte count (1.98+0.79 vs 2.32+0.91x109 cells/L). No radiological and electrocardiographic abnormality was observed. All these were isolated or quarantined in the hospital and observed. Covid-19 patients received hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin according to prevalent guidelines. One patient needed oxygen support while hospital course was uncomplicated in the rest. All were discharged alive. Conversion to virus negative status was in 10.2±6.4 days and was significantly lower in age >40y (9.1±5.2) compared to 40-59y (11.3±6.1) and ≥60y (16.4±13.3) (p=0.001).

CONCLUSIONS: This hospital-based registry shows that mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic young covid-19 patients have excellent prognosis.


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