COVID-19: Variable symptoms in mild course: olfactory loss and increased resting heart rate

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Isenmann A and Isenmann S. Dtsch Med Wochenschr 2020.


HISTORY: A 56-year-old, previously healthy male and long distance runner noticed short episodes of parosmia, followed by anosmia. Few days later, he monitored an increase in his resting heart rate. This was followed by a dry cough, fatigue, and myalgia. At the same time, symptoms occurred in all four family members.

CLINICAL FINDINGS: The patient had a dry cough. The medical examination was normal. Heart rate was 60/min, sinus rhythm, body temperature 36.6 °C. Complete anosmia was present. The RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 from a deep pharyngeal swab was positive in all five family members.

THERAPY AND COURSE: Symptoms were present for almost two weeks. All family members had anosmia, that started earlier and lasted longer than the other symptoms, and myalgia. Reduced taste sensation, fatigue, dry cough and sore throat were present in four of five persons. Shortness of breath at rest or gastrointestinal symptoms were absent. Four affected persons had sleep disturbances in the later course of the disease. None of the affected persons had raised temperature at any time during the disease. Specific medical or drug treatment was not necessary. All patients made full recoveries without signs of organ dysfunction, and with full restitution of physical strength.

DISCUSSION: We describe a family of 5 previously healthy persons with a mild course of COVID-19 disease. The symptoms and course are described in detail. Anosmia can precede other symptoms by several days and can indicate an early phase of infection. An increase in resting heart rate can occur in the absence of raised temperature or fever. The symptoms and course are discussed in the context of the ongoing pandemic, and efforts to control infection chains.

PMID:32599633 | DOI:10.1055/a-1190-0247

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