Metastatic spinal cord compression

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Br J Hosp Med (Lond). 2020 Apr 2;81(4):1-10. doi: 10.12968/hmed.2019.0399.


Metastatic spinal cord compression is compression of the spinal cord or cauda equina as a result of metastatic deposits in the spinal column. It affects approximately 4000 cases per year in England and Wales. Prompt identification and treatment of metastatic spinal cord compression is necessary to prevent irreversible neurological injury, treat pain and maintain patients' mobility, function and independence. Survival of patients with common malignancies has improved significantly with the ongoing development of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, as well as improved surgical treatment of resectable primary tumours. This article outlines the clinical approach to presentation, pathophysiology, diagnosis and management.

PMID:32339020 | DOI:10.12968/hmed.2019.0399

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