Celiac Disease.

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Celiac Disease.

Ann Intern Med. 2020 01 07;172(1):ITC1-ITC16

Authors: Rubin JE, Crowe SE

Gluten-related disorders, including celiac disease, wheat allergy, and nonceliac gluten sensitivity (NCGS), are increasingly reported worldwide. Celiac disease is caused by an immune-mediated reaction to ingested gluten in genetically susceptible persons. NCGS is largely a diagnosis of exclusion when other causes of symptoms have been ruled out. All patients with celiac disease should be referred to a registered dietitian nutritionist with expertise in celiac disease and a gastroenterologist who specializes in celiac disease and malabsorptive disorders, and they should remain on a strict gluten-free diet indefinitely. This article provides an overview of gluten- and wheat-related disorders.

PMID: 31905394 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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