Candida auris-an impending threat: A case report from home.

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Candida auris-an impending threat: A case report from home.

Am J Infect Control. 2020 Mar 11;:

Authors: Anwar S, Glaser A, Acharya S, Yousaf F

Candida auris has been identified as an invasive fungal organism of outbreaks globally. Due to its striking ability to colonize the skin and readily transmit from person-to-person, it is being categorized as a public health threat. Infected patients are not only characteristically critically ill, but delayed identification along with limited options for effective antifungals makes this nosocomial infection worrisome for clinicians. The risk of persistence of fungus as a contaminant in hospital rooms and on medical equipment is also a concern for health care facilities. In this case report, we described fungemia with Candida auris secondary to pyelonephritis in a patient, which escalated to septic shock and was treated with micafungin. The unique feature about this case was the patient presented from home with no history of recent hospitalization and no evident predisposing risk factors such as immunosuppression, indwelling or central venous catheters at the time of admission.

PMID: 32171623 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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