Subcutaneous Insulin Dosing Calculators for Inpatient Glucose Control.

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Subcutaneous Insulin Dosing Calculators for Inpatient Glucose Control.

Curr Diab Rep. 2019 Nov 04;19(11):120

Authors: Ullal J, Aloi JA

PURPOSE OF REVIEW: The goal of this review is to summarize information about insulin dosing software and calculators used as computerized decision support systems or electronic glucose management systems (eGMS). These are used for hospitalized, insulin-treated patients with diabetes. We describe the advantages and disadvantages and the rationale for their use.
RECENT FINDINGS: We compared commercially available insulin dosing software, namely, Glucommander™, EndoTool®, GlucoStabilizer®, and GlucoTab®, in addition to computerized order entry systems that are available in electronic health records. The common feature among these eGMS is their ability to limit occurrences of hypoglycemia while achieving and maintaining patients at target blood glucose level. More research needs to be done examining the efficacy of eGMS in disease-specific states and their benefits and utility in preventing adverse outcomes. Their long-term benefits to health care systems are beginning to emerge in cost-saving benefits and prevention of readmissions.

PMID: 31686274 [PubMed - in process]

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