Paracentesis in cirrhotics is associated with increased risk of 30-day readmission.

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Paracentesis in cirrhotics is associated with increased risk of 30-day readmission.

World J Hepatol. 2018 Jun 27;10(6):425-432

Authors: Sobotka LA, Modi RM, Vijayaraman A, Hanje AJ, Michaels AJ, Conteh LF, Hinton A, El-Hinnawi A, Mumtaz K

AIM: To determine the readmission rate, its reasons, predictors, and cost of 30-d readmission in patients with cirrhosis and ascites.
METHODS: A retrospective analysis of the nationwide readmission database (NRD) was performed during the calendar year 2013. All adults cirrhotics with a diagnosis of ascites, spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, or hepatic encephalopathy were identified by ICD-9 codes. Multivariate analysis was performed to assess predictors of 30-d readmission and cost of readmission.
RESULTS: Of the 59597 patients included in this study, 18319 (31%) were readmitted within 30 d. Majority (58%) of readmissions were for liver related reasons. Paracentesis was performed in 29832 (50%) patients on index admission. Independent predictors of 30-d readmission included age < 40 (OR: 1.39; CI: 1.19-1.64), age 40-64 (OR: 1.19; CI: 1.09-1.30), Medicaid (OR: 1.21; CI: 1.04-1.41) and Medicare coverage (OR: 1.13; CI: 1.02-1.26), > 3 Elixhauser comorbidity (OR: 1.13; CI: 1.05-1.22), nonalcoholic cirrhosis (OR: 1.16; CI: 1.10-1.23), paracentesis on index admission (OR: 1.28; CI: 1.21-1.36) and having hepatocellular carcinoma (OR: 1.21; CI: 1.05; 1.39). Cost of index admission was similar in patients readmitted and not readmitted (P-value: 0.34); however cost of care was significantly more on 30 d readmission ($30959 ± 762) as compared to index admission ($12403 ± 378), P-value: < 0.001.
CONCLUSION: Cirrhotic patients with ascites have a 33% chance of readmission within 30-d. Younger patients, with public insurance, nonalcoholic cirrhosis and increased comorbidity who underwent paracentesis are at increased risk of readmission. Risk factors for unplanned readmission should be targeted given these patients have higher healthcare utilization.

PMID: 29988878 [PubMed]

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