Mondor’s Disease: A Review of the Literature.

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Mondor's Disease: A Review of the Literature.

Intern Med. 2018 May 18;:

Authors: Amano M, Shimizu T

Mondor's disease (MD) is a rare disease that manifests with a palpable cord-like induration on the body surface. In general, MD is a self-limited, benign thrombophlebitis that resolves in four to eight weeks without any specific treatment. Cases of MD can be roughly categorized into three different groups based on the site of the lesion as follows: original MD of the anterolateral thoracoabdominal wall, penile MD with dorsum and dorsolateral aspects of the penis, and axillary web syndrome with mid-upper arm after axillary surgery. The diagnosis of MD is rather straightforward and based on a physical examinations. However, some case occur "secondary" with another underlying disease, including malignancy, a hypercoagulative state, and vasculitis. Therefore, it is critical to identify MD precisely, evaluate any possible underlying disease, and avoid any unnecessary invasive tests or treatment. In this paper, we comprehensively review the clinical characteristics of MD.

PMID: 29780120 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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