Multiple Drug-Intolerant Hypertension.

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Multiple Drug-Intolerant Hypertension.

Am J Ther. 2017 May 26;:

Authors: Neculau AE, Rogozea LM, Andreescu O, Jinga L, Dinu EA, Tint D

CLINICAL FEATURES: The term multiple drug intolerance (MDI) is attributed to patients who experience adverse drug reactions to more than 3 different classes of medication without a known immunological mechanism. A special attention should be given to multiple drug-intolerant hypertension (MDI-HTN) that is a cause of drop out from treatment and consequent poor blood pressure control. Patients with MDIs account for 2%-5% of all population. The patient we present is a 63-year-old man with third-degree hypertension identified with intolerance to drugs from 4 major classes of antihypertensive medication.
THERAPEUTIC CHALLENGE: Patients with MDIs are difficult to treat. They frequently also have numerous comorbidities and high cardiovascular risk. It is recognized that guidelines for the management of hypertension do not include an algorithm of action in situations of MDIs to medication.
SOLUTION: We chose to use a recently proposed four-step algorithm for the management of MDI-HTN. A 1-month follow-up program was established. Weekly visits were scheduled to elicit about side effects and measure blood pressure . Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring was performed after a month. The strategy was first to reuse medication from classes the patient was intolerant to, but in smaller doses and in combinations. Among same class members, we have chosen those with less adverse effects. Not all steps within the algorithm were followed since our patient did not need alternative formulation as liquid or transdermal ones. Anxiety medication was prescribed as nonlicensed antihypertensive medication. At the end of the follow-up month, blood pressure control was satisfactory, 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring was 135.5/83.0 mm Hg, and the patient did not claim any adverse drug reactions.

PMID: 28816711 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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